November 3, 2017

Today’s Lunch: Chicken Tetrazzini Cooked Carrots

Tomorrow’s Breakfast:  Breakfast Pizza

Tomorrow’s Lunch: BBQ Sandwich Baked Beans


Thank you all for participating in Socktober! Drum roll please….the class collecting the highest percentage of socks was…Mrs. Swisher’s Kindergarten class! Congratulations!


Last year the Groton Elementary and Middle School brought in 927 pairs of socks. This year the elementary and middle school collected 1,518 pairs of socks (1,258 coming from the elementary alone)…you helped over 1,500 people in our area keep their feet warm and dry! How awesome!


The Village Bowl is offering bowling lesson.  Information cards are in the office.


Due to plumbing issues both toilets in the upper pod are out of service until further notice.  Sorry for the inconvenience!


Students:  Veterans Day letters and invitations will be sent home tomorrow.  Please bring back the bottom portion of the letter so we know what your parent plan to do after the program next Friday.


Students:  Snow is in the near future.  Please remember to bring snow pants and boots when there is snow on the ground.



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