August 31, 2015

Today’s Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, fruit, juice, milk

Today’s Lunch: Cheese sticks, tater tots, carrots w/dip, fresh and canned fruit

Tuesday’s Breakfast: French toast, fruit, links, and juice/milk

Tuesday’s Lunch: Hot dog, baked beans, Broccoli and dip, fresh and canned fruit

A reminder to all students and parents, homework help will begin TODAY!!!
Here is the URL address for the library program.

Attention Students Eating Breakfast: When signing your name, please put your first and last name so we know who you are. Thank you!

Teachers: Remember to send Mrs. Weber your OST list, so she knows what students will be attending each day.

Here is a link to Mr. Brett Schwan’s blog:

Students attending OST this week, we encourage you to bring your swimming suits.

Reminder to parents who are unable to pick up their children after school: If you can’t make it by 3:30 please let us know so we can send them to OST.

We will be DIBELS testing this week.
Tuesday: Boys Golf at Aberdeen starting at 10:00
Girls Volleyball at Ipswich starting at 6:30

Thursday: Cross Country at Redfield starting at 4:00
Girls Volleyball home vs. Duel starting at 5:00
Friday: Football at Mobridge Pollock starting at 7:30.

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